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Ways to Teach Your Little Ones About New Year Resolutions

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Ways to Teach Your Little Ones About New Year Resolutions

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Whether you like it or not, the holidays are over and a new year is here again. 'New Year, New Me' is a big theme this time of year and it's a fun way to teach your young ones about goals, resolutions and more! We've compiled a few tips that should make this a fun activity to do together. 

First, you should explain the new year, what goals are and also what resolutions are. This is a great article if you need help explaining! 
Next, you should share a few of your goals and resolutions with your child. Try to keep these positive and uplifting and explain how you think these will help you and your family have a better year. 
Then, use the SMART system to help your child form their goals. Offer a few suggestions and be sure to listen to what they would like to accomplish this year. 
  • Specific: The resolution should include your child’s goal, the skill she’s working on and how she’ll achieve it: “To become a better gymnast by the May Gymnastics Meet, I’ll practice 30 minutes a day.”
  • Measurable: She should track her progress—on a chart or in regular check-ins with you. Make dates on your calendars to check in and see how the goal is going. 
  • Attainable: The goal should be ambitious but realistic—something that will stretch your child’s skills but not overwhelm her.
  • Results-oriented: The resolution should explain what she’ll be able to do once she reaches her goal. For example: “Studying with a tutor twice a week will help me consistently get As in math.”
  • Time-bound: Your child’s resolution should specify a reasonable time frame and can include mini-goals along the way (mini-successes can be very motivating).
And another big must: 
  • Relevance: Your child has to want to set and reach this goal! She should feel eager and committed.
A few goals we love are:
  • Learn a new skill in dance, gymnastics, singing, piano or whatever extracurricular activity they are currently enrolled in. 
  • Keep their room clean without asking for a month straight. 
  • Learn a new skill (reading, writing, checkers, chess, etc!) 
  • Cook dinner with Mom or Dad one night. 
  • Donate an unused toy to charity twice a month. 
  • Eat more fruits and veggies. 
These are just starters! Use these as a base to build the perfect goal complete with a timeline and reward that will be sure to be accomplished. We also love this printable sheet perfect for setting goals in 2018! 
Want to read more about goals and resolutions? Check out this article

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