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Premier Athletics

Premier Athletics began in 1994 with its first competitive cheerleading team, since then it has grown to become the only gym of its kind in the country. We are the only program with 9 company-owned locations across the US. We are the creators of the Tumble Academy, Little Explorers Academy and Dance Academy found in 25 states across the US.

We service over 15,000 athletes across 25 states. We provide quality instruction in competitive cheerleading, dance and gymnastics, as well as recreational Academy programs in tumbling, gymnastics, preschool, dance, and ninja! In addition, we provide school squad training to local schools, birthday parties and private lessons.

Our Commitment to Excellence

1) Our mission is to teach youth athletes to 1: be self-confident 2: do their best and 3: have FUN!

2) Our highly trained and highly qualified instructors will help your child learn teamwork, dedication, work ethic, and confidence. We strive to provide a quality experience for the beginner to the most advanced athlete.

3) We strive to provide a safe family friendly environment for kids of all ages and abilities to find success!

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Having been at another gym, I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to be a part of THIS PA family. The best decision we have ever made for our daughters regarding their cheer careers was switching to PA Nashville and we drive an hour! It is worth the drive for the respect our girls receive. All of the coaches are fantastic, their skills have greatly improved and their self-esteem has skyrocketed. I would recommend this gym to anyone!

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Holly Morrison Bruser

Love this program and the sweet friends we've made. Truly PA Family. My son has improved so much in one year. Cannot wait for this season to start!

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Suzanne Verdon

Being a senior and leaving this program is so bittersweet. but luckily ill always have my premier athletics family! this program is nothing but great, taught me so many things and opened up so many doors for me to further my cheer career and become a better athlete! Ill miss being an athlete for this program but i know ill always have a place to call home!

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Kyndal Thomason

Coming to this gym has been the best move we’ve ever done for our girls! The progress they’ve made is unbelievable and so rewarding!

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Jessica Goswick Bellman

Great gym! Wonderful staff! Love them! Amazing for both school and all star teams!

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Karen Hanner Lanius

Last year my daughter cheered for a different gym and at comps I would sit with"THE PREMIER CHEER MOMS", or atleast close by, and I have talked to some about Premiers ways of working with the girls. My daughter has wanted to be at you're gym for forever, after her other experience I knew it was the only thing I could do. So I brought her to open gym a few times, and next thing I know is she is ordering her uniform. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PREMIER ATHLETICS!!!! AND THE BLUE SHARKS!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart COACH VINCE, COACH BRITTANY, COACH COURTNEY, COACH SUSAN, and any one else I didn't mention who has been involved in changing my little girl into a beautiful, confident, caring, and responsible little woman. We love you to the moon and back.

Gymnastics near Knoxville

Leslie Campbell Newcomb

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