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Brittnee Walker

Brittnee has worked for Varsity All Star out of the Knoxville office for 7 years and counting. She has worked with the Athletic Championships, WSF, Encore Championships, One Up Championships, Spirit Sports, Spirit Festival, and All Things Cheer brands. She has worn many different hats and had several different roles for the Varsity Knoxville office over the years such as Housing & Travel Coordinator and Director of Staffing and Planning. One of her roles that has remained constant is in scoring. Brittnee has had her hand in running Judge’s Meetings, Judge’s Trainings, Stand Managing, AccuSCORE and Judging at all of the events she has been a part of. Brittnee transitioned to Premier Athletics Corporate as the Media Director in February 2020. She loves being involved in this industry and the many different roles and opportunities it provides.

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