Benefits of Cheerleading

Benefits of Cheerleading

The benefits of Cheerleading fall way beyond learning how to do a back handspring or perfect motions. Over the past 20 years, the sport of cheerleading has changed dramatically as it has morphed in to a display of athleticism that mesmerizes and impresses top level athletes from all sports. Being a part of a competitive, school, or recreational cheerleading team has benefits that go way beyond hair bows, pom poms, and routines. Cheerleaders quickly learn the concept of "team" and what it means to be an important part of the "machine" that is your team. Without everyone (or every piece) there, the machine does not work. It teaches you to encourage your team mates and try your hardest to do your best. It teaches time management and organizational skills, as practices take up a lot of time and require the athletes to prioritize and make sure everything on their to do list is checked off before they put on that uniform and hit the stage.

Cheerleading teaches and promotes fitness and good health choices, as our bodies cannot do the things required of this sport if we are not fit and healthy. It sets the tone for a lifestyle of healthy choices. Cheerleading teaches bonding and trust among team members. Are you really going to let someone hold you high up in the air that you do not completely trust? And are you going to be willing to hold someone up in the air if you are not 100% ready to do it? Cheerleaders learn together, fall together, win together, and lose together. They become stronger as a unit each and every practice. The bonds formed among members of cheerleading squads are as close to family as you can get!

Being a part of a cheerleading team is a pretty awesome thing! And you get to learn some awesome skills like flipping, stunting, dancing, showmanship, self-confidence, courage, and perseverance!

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